Busted: Wedding Myths

Wedding Myth #1: You can totally wear that again!

No, you can’t. Sorry, unless you’re one of those Project Runway kids the chances of you “cutting it short” and “dying it black” are very slim. So what you’re left with is that dress you bought to be in your friend’s wedding. You will most likely shove it in the back of your closet and forget about it. If you’re like me you’re too sentimental to ditch it, but wearing it again poses a problem. You have no occasion, except maybe – another wedding.

I’m not saying all bridesmaid’s dresses are ugly (that’s a myth too) but they are bridesmaid’s dresses, and they look like it. I’ve seen a lot of it. You figure it’s a nice enough dress, you can sneak another wearing out of it, but you’re really not fooling anyone. You will look like you’re at the wrong wedding, like somewhere down the hall they’re trying to find you to line up for entrances…Liz Wedding Hijinks

One Comment on “Busted: Wedding Myths”

  1. Yves Gerard says:

    Great new site! Love the format and as always, your writing is truly enjoyable. You really tell it like it is.
    Keep up the good work, Amy!

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